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Khidmate Khalq means service of all humanity as Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) has stated: “By Khidmate Khalq I do not mean service of Ahmadis or Muslims alone, rather it means service of all creation of Allah, without distinction of religion or nation, to the extent that even if an enemy is in difficulty, you should help him. This is the true sense of Khidmate Khalq.” (30th October 1952 – Al Fazl 1st November 1952)

60. It is the duty of Secretary Khidmate Khalq that she should be attentive towards the teaching of skills to the women of needy families.

61. It is the duty of Secretary Khidmate Khalq that she shall try to instil within members respect for hard work and effort.

62. Secretary Khidmate Khalq should be attentive towards the free education of needy children and classes should be organised for them.

63. It is the duty of Secretary Khidmate Khalq to remind members to be mindful of the needs of their neighbours. In the Holy Quran there is a commandment to give to relatives. In this regard Hazrat Khalifatul – Masih V (aba) has stated in his Friday Sermon of 1st June 2007: “Treat your close relatives well, not just those with whom you have good relations and those you like. You should treat well even those you do not like and whose nature does not agree with you”. (Al Fazl 17th July 2007)

64. It shall be the responsibility of Secretary Khidmate Khalq to adopt such measures that instil in the members, the desire to help the poor and needy women. To achieve this objective, the Secretary Khidmate Khalq shall devise schemes for the benefit of the Creation of God. Moreover, she shall try to eradicate unemployment among women so that they can become self-reliant.


Khidmate Khalq Syllabus 2022